GLCC Members Meeting and Officer Nominations – July 20th at 7:00pm

Great Lakes Cobra Club July Members Meeting

July 20, 2021 or (872) 240-3412 Access Code: 255-830-101

Club Health

  • Membership Update – 109 Members.
  • Cash Balance – $4,034.28 as of July 13.

GLCC Branded Merchandise

  • Orders are being processed.
  • Sharon will update individuals on status.

Event Reflections

  • C&D Route Cruise (we will repeat in conjunction with the RM Tech Event in September).
  • London Cobra Show.
  • Cobras and Coffee held at High Octane Bakery.

Grosse Pointe Tour July 31stClick Here For Details

  • Tour will begin in Grosse Pointe at Cornwall’s Bakery at 9:30 am.
  • GLCC will be funding coffee and pastry for participants.
  • Parking is at Beaumont directly across from Cornwalls.
  • 70-minute cruise through the GPs.
  • We will end the day at the Edsel Ford Estate with a cruise through the grounds to the home where each car will be photographed!

August Events

  • Cobras and Coffee at High Octane – August 14th.
  • Pre-Dream Cruise viewing (and August Meeting) will be at Pasteiners – August 17th.
    • Sandwiches and refreshments will be provided as usual for a nominal cost.
  • GLCC Snake Pit at the Woodward Dream Cruise – August 21st.
    • Registration and details can be viewed here.
    • Snake Pit setup is Friday August 20th – need 6-8 volunteers to setup tents, barricades and do an ice run.
    • Dave Alden will be our “Slither” leader!
    • We will check with the Mercedes dealer to see if they will be offering “civilian” parking as in past years and report back.
  • Hines Drive Cruise – August 29th.

September and October Events

  • Snakes in the Grass at Canterbury Village (led by George and Penny Acree) – September 4th.
  • Cobras and Coffee at High Octane Cafe – September 11th.
  • RM Motorsports Tech Event and C&D Route (without the rain) – September 18th.
  • Jewels of Washtenaw (led by John and Jennie Stinson) – October 9th.

Officer Nominations for 2022 2-year Term

  • Treasurer
    • Tony Simari has accepted the nomination for Treasurer for the next 2-year term. Many thanks Tony!!
  • Vice President
    • George Acree has requested a replacement for his role and as such declined the nomination for another term.  But, George vowed he’d continue to support the Board.  Many thanks George for your support over the years and trust one thing…we’ll hold you to your generous offer to help where needed!!
    • A GLCC Member was nominated for the Vice President position but after discussion declined the nomination due to other activities that he must attended to (since the nomination was declined we will keep anonymous).  But the member offered to help the Board on an ad hoc basis – many thanks!
    • Michael Grice was nominated for Vice President and has accepted the nomination.  Congratulations Mike!


Next Meeting – August 17th at Pasteiners beginning at 5:00pm.  This is our pre-dream cruise event (aka “meeting”).