Grosse Pointe Home Tour from with Seats of our Cobras – Saturday July 31, 2021

On Saturday July 31 (rain date is August 1) at 9:30 am

GLCC will begin a journey through time by visiting (from the street)

key historical homes throughout the Grosse Pointes.


This eclectic tour is being led by John and Becky Scholtes!!!

The morning will start at 9:30 am at Cornwall Bakery (15215 Kercheval Ave, Grosse Pointe Park, MI 48230).

And as a special treat GLCC is picking up the cost of your Coffee and Pastry!

We have arranged parking directly across Kercheval from Cornwall’s

at the Grosse Pointe Park Beaumont Center (which is closed on Saturdays).


Following Coffee we will begin the journey!!


Below are turn-by-turn directions and in this download are the destinations and history about the homes along the way.

  1. Start from Cornwall’s and our designated parking
  2. Head west on Kercheval
  3. Turn left on Maryland
  4. Proceed on Maryland and cross Jefferson at light, then immediate right turn onto Pemberton
  5. Proceed on Pemberton to Windmill Pointe
  6. Turn left onto Windmill Pointe Drive
  7. Proceed on Windmill Pointe to T-Junction with Bedford, turn left.
  8. Proceed on Bedford and turn right on Essex at stop sign.
  9. At next intersection, turn left and proceed on 3 Mile Rd across Jefferson.
  10. At next stop sign, turn right onto St. Paul
  11. Proceed on St Paul and turn right onto Bishop.
  12. Proceed on Bishop to Jefferson and turn left.
  13. Proceed on Jefferson to Lincoln and turn left.
  14. Proceed on Lincoln to Maume and turn right.
  15. Proceed on Maume to Fisher and turn left.
  16. Proceed on Fisher to Kercheval and turn right.
  17. Proceed on Kercheval to Kenwood and turn right.
  18. Proceed on Kenwood to Grosse Pointe Boulevard and turn left.
  19. Proceed on Grosse Pointe Blvd to Lothrop and turn left.
  20. Proceed on Lothrop and cross Kercheval to Ridge and turn right
  21. Proceed on Ridge to Touraine and turn left.
  22. Proceed on Touraine to Charlevoix and turn right.
  23. Proceed on Charlevoix to Vendome and turn right.
  24. Proceed on Vendome to Voltaire and turn left.
  25. Proceed on Voltaire to Ridge and turn right.
  26. Proceed on Ridge to Cloverly and turn left
  27. Proceed on Cloverly and cross Kercheval to Grosse Pointe Boulevard and turn right.
  28. Proceed on Grosse Pointe Blvd to Fisher and turn left.
  29. Proceed on Fisher to Jefferson and turn left
  30. Proceed on Jefferson/Lakeshore to Moross and turn left at stoplight.
  31. Proceed on Moross, cross Kercheval to Country Club Lane and turn right.
  32. Proceed on Country Club Lane to Kercheval and turn left.
  33. Proceed on Kercheval and park alongside road for group photo.
  34. Continue on Kercheval to Provencal and turn right.
  35. Continue on Provencal to Lakeshore and turn left.
  36. Continue on Lakeshore to South Deeplands and turn left
  37. Continue on South Deeplands to Ballantyne and turn right
  38. Continue on Ballantyne to North Deeplands and turn right.
  39. Continue on North Deeplands to Sheldon and turn right.
  40. Continue on Sheldon to South Deeplands and turn left.
  41. Continue on South Deeplands to Lakeshore and turn left.
  42. Continue on Lakeshore to Edsel & Eleanor Ford House
  43. End of planned cruise route.

We have made arrangements with the Edsel & Elanor Ford House

to cruise through the grounds and arrive at the entrance of the Estate for individual photos.

If you plan to attend (and have not already RSVP’d) please let us know: