2017 Year in Review

The purpose of this update is to reflect on 2017 and to peek into 2018.

Throughout the year you have provided feedback on the Club and the events. Thank you.  That feedback has been critical to shaping the Club and creating memorable experiences enjoyable by all.

In 2017, we created nearly 40 opportunities to gather, have fun and most of them to drive our cobras (when it is not snowing).

Each year unique opportunities arise because of GLCC.


In 2016 we were invited to celebrate with Alan Grant the debut of his Cobra watch at Darakjian Jewelers.  Wonderful opportunity to meet and get to know a legend behind Cobras.  






This year the surprise event was helping our friend William Deary take delivery of his Ford GT at MIS.  A great day and a unique opportunity to be part of William’s Carroll Collection and drive our cars on the track.








And we were very fortunate to be invited to display our cars and welcome the participants from the Great Race to their stop for launch at Stahls Auto Museum.




Your board has been vigorously working on the 2018 Event Plan.  In the 2018 Event Plan, we are preserving activities that we feel (and you said) are worth repeating and mixing it up with new opportunities and experiences from guidance from the member survey (both from the September meeting and survey form).  Change is important to keep things fresh and interesting.

I underscore that this is the start of the 2018 plan. From time-to-time new opportunities arise.  For example, we are pursuing several guest speakers.  For example, John Clor (Ford Motorsports Executive) has agreed to be our guest speaker for the Season Opening Meeting at Ford Fairlane Estate in March.  And, we are pursuing 2 major private car collections for private tours.

Behind the scenes we have also made material progress.  A key task was to setup cloud space to create and store documentation on the operation of the Club and key Events.  This was completed using Google Enterprise (email, calendar, drive, etc).  Additionally, we developed and launched a new and improved Great Lakes Cobra Club Website.  Each of these activities are setup as accounts under the name of GLCC which facilitates transition to new Board Members.

Regarding the “numbers” we typically end the year with a slight surplus.  Generally, the extra funds are used to secure venues for the following year.  This year we have an even greater surplus largely due to focus on delivering events at the same level of quality but at a lower cost to the Club.  This is good timing as we need to repair the trailer, purchase tables and tents for WDC and fund the new website.  We’ll publish the Financial Summary in January.

I would like to conclude with MANY thanks to our Board of Directors.  Tony Simari (Treasurer) and Bob Harvey (Secretary) have held multiple terms.  Bob Russel joined as Director of Events and George Acree was elected this year as Vice President.  We are firing on all cylinders and it is a blast – we have a great Board who is focused on improving events, streamlining event execution and creating activities that are increasingly appealing to our members! 

Happy New Year!!