Great Lakes Cobra Club – New Website for 2018


Important Background

In 2016 the Board set forth the process to create and use a Google Enterprise Account for email and document storage.

The initial purpose behind this was to create a GLCC documentation system to facilitate succession of any Board member. Simply moving communication and documentation from personal accounts to a GLCC account…and to insure what we do IS documented!

Furthering this, the GLCC Google account offers Calendars, Forms and Data Collection.  These are key elements supporting the new site.

And, this is all at no-cost to the Club.


Why Create a New Site?

In 2014, the Board took to the current site supplier a series of enhancements. The implementation of these enhancements was incomplete and functions previously in the site began failing.  In the end, the current supplier stopped supporting the Club.

To protect the interest and future of the Club, the decision was made to pursue creating a new site.


New Site Architecture

The design of the new site combines WordPress and Google functions (noted above).

WordPress is an easy-use modern tool for small-to-medium size businesses.

The benefits of this approach include availability of resource to maintain, high creative value and flexibility at a low-cost.


Key Points as You Review

The “home page” treatment is called parallax – click here.

Background images will be updated quarterly to keep fresh.

During key events like Woodward Dream Cruise or Holiday party we will update with relevant imagery.

Key information is on the scrolling home page such that members would rarely need to venture off.

Full navigation to all elements of GLCC site are in the header navigation.

The following functions are created and maintained through the GLCC Google Account and dynamically integrated into the new site:

Event Calendar (on the home page or accessible by clicking here); events can be viewed in detail and saved to personal calendars.  If you are a GMAIL user, you can add the GLCC Calendar to your Calendar view with your personal calendar.

Rosters; event (click here) and members (click here – members will be able to copy contacts to create buddy lists).  Note, on the event roster page there is only 1 listed but imagine throughout the year this being expanded.

Event RSVP forms.  Sample for the Holiday Party can be viewed by clicking here.

New member sign-up form (click here)

Current membership renewal form (click here).

Member change of information form (click here).

And more…


The photo gallery (click here) is setup in a GLCC Flickr account and dynamically integrated into the new site. Included at this point are samples

Member Gallery needs to be completed (click here).

                The idea is for each member to supply a new photo (send to

                Details about the member will be added to the description including their Cobra.

Details on member cars are included in the Member Roster (click here) and we created a Manufacturer/Member cross reference (click here).

Photos from the current site:

Unfortunately, member photos on their profiles were sized down to thumbnails and unusable.

Event photos were also sized down and are blurry (the sample included are native photos) but we are in process of transferring to the new site.

Member Only areas are password protected and the password will be changed 4/1 of each year consistent with the setup and cleanup of new members and attrition of members who have not renewed.

Blog posts (click here for Blogs on home page or click here for Blog Page) will be used for all key news items including but not limited to, articles (click here), meeting agendas, meeting recaps, event announcements (click here), event registration and payment (click here), posting new photo galleries (click here), etc.  Simply all news about GLCC.  They will be automatically syndicated to the new GLCC Facebook Group.


GLCC Facebook Group

In parallel to this process we are setting up a GLCC sponsored Facebook Group.  Separately you’ll receive information on the Group.  The reason for this action is the current GLCC Facebook page is on the personal account of a former member.

This is timely as Blog Posts from the new GLCC site can be syndicated to the NEW GLCC Facebook Group automatically.

All GLCC Members will be invited to join the GLCC Facebook Group (this is optional).



Please send any feedback to us @