London Cobra Show – GLCC Update #2

In our last message, we provided basic information about the London Cobra Show in Columbus, Ohio, June 20 – 22.
Brief recap, the London Cobra Show is one of the premier events for our hobby. In addition to being one of the largest gatherings of like-minded enthusiasts, it is a fundraiser for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) and has contributed over $2.3 million dollars to the foundation. The website at has many more details including registration, hotel reservation information, and information about the sweepstakes Cobra.
This time, we’d like to describe one of the events that takes place during the Saturday show in London, Ohio. Main Street, right next to where all the cars are displayed, is used to give charity rides in our cars. People line up to take a ride and contribute to CFF. The street is cleared, the 1/8-mile distance marked, and interested drivers accelerate down the street providing quite a thrill. It’s all carefully monitored and overseen by the local police department. Very unique to this event. I’ve done a number of passes over the years and I’m not sure who enjoys it more. Me or the rider. It’s one of the few chances (at least for me) to find the floor under the accelerator. Even if only briefly. Two years ago I did several passes with our Coupe.
Turn up the volume! I was hitting mid-80’s MPH in that distance without launching hard. With the A/C running of course. Many more videos on YouTube with a little searching. If you don’t want to drive, also enjoyable to be a spectator. Or a rider!
Some have commented about the price. Between the drive down and back, registration, and several hotel nights, it does add up. No apologies for that. We’ve been going for a number of years and feel that it’s worth it. But everyone has to decide for themselves. Note you don’t have to attend all the days. Some only go for the Saturday show, typically arriving on Friday and leaving afterwards. Or you can attend as a spectator for free and do a day trip on Saturday. You can’t have your car in the show, so probably makes sense to drive civilian. We did this for a couple of years when we were just getting started. Learned a lot about the cars, observed multiple details as I was building at the time, and talked to lots of owners. I still remember the thrill of seeing that parade of 200+ Cobras driving into town for the first time and looking forward to when we could join them. Hope to see you there.
If you have specific questions, Paul Borror ( or George Acree ( would be happy to try to answer.
Hope to see you there.
Paul and George