GLCC State of the Club Amid the Covid-19 Virus – May 1 2020

The GLCC Board met on Thursday April 30th  (virtually of course) and we want to share our feelings, observations and very preliminary thoughts on possible events in 2020 once we are cleared to congregate.
First, we would like to share our reflections as it relates to our go-forward event plan for 2020:

  • The realty is “normal” will be redefined over time.  We do not expect anything to be normal in 2020.  As such we will act in accordance to current conditions.
  • Related to our event plan, the fact of the matter is we are many months behind in planning what we had on the schedule.  That said even if, for example, on June 1 our Governor opens everything back up 100% (just to illustrate the point) there is significant planning and coordination required in a very compressed time to resurrect any level of our original plans. 
  • Many events require cooperation in areas we cannot control further adding to the planning complexity.  For example, restaurants may not want, or be able to facilitate, safe distancing of groups of 20-30 people even after they open.  Our M1 garage tour and private collection participants may not want to host groups despite an all-clear (whenever that happens).  This alone will be a major effort to re-connect and coordinate and may influence what is possible.

Based on these reflections we have established GLCC Guidelines for Re-opening The Club for Events: 

  • First and foremost is the health of our members and those who support the execution of our events.
  • For 2020 we will take a cautious approach to Club events that will be 1) commensurate with State and National Guidelines and 2) in alignment with our beliefs and judgement of what is safely possible for 2020 which can (and likely will) change from month-to-month.  Under no circumstance will we create situations that put anyone at risk.
  • Our members and those businesses, community leaders, etc. who we depend on each may have different opinions and tolerances for activities regardless of all-clear signals.  We will be respectful of everyone’s tolerances and allowances as we consider 2020 activities.  And we will continuously seek your input!

Based on the above points we have contemplated what a an abbreviated GLCC event plan could look like IF beginning in June we can start to drive Cobras and businesses such as coffee shops and restaurants are allowed to re-open.

General Membership Meetings

  • 2020 in-person meetings will be scheduled only when conditions change that make it conducive for group sessions.
  • The July Officer Nomination and September Officer Election can be handled via email or a conference call if a meeting is deemed not appropriate by the Board based on the then current conditions.
  • Any other Club business decisions that require input from Members can be handled via eMail or Survey Monkey for voting if a meeting is not possible.


  • On Tuesday May 19 at 6:00 pm we will host a virtual GLCC Meeting.  By then we will have learned more about the revised Stay-at-Home order and the impact it could have on activities in June and July.  Plus, it would be good to see faces and hear voices.  We would love to hear from members on their projects and to catch-up!
  • This is be a trial of a large group using online meeting tools and will be a dry-run particularly if we need to conduct the July Officer Nominations and September Officer Installation virtually.  Do not worry if you don’t have a computer with a camera/speaker as dial in via phone will also be available.  We will provide details for the conference call prior to the meeting.


  • GLCC Cobras and Coffee in Birmingham (with donuts)
  • Cruise to the C&D route (the route we did last fall) and lunch if restaurants are open


  • Ornazian Collection Tour (If Greg is comfortable with a group visit)
  • GLCC Cobras and Coffee in Birmingham (with donuts)
  • Driving event TBD


  • GLCC Cobras and Coffee in Birmingham (with donuts)
  • Pre-dream cruise activity at Pasteiners
  • Snake Pit at the Woodward Dream Cruise
  • Hines Drive


  • Snakes in the Grass at Canterbury Village and Lunch
  • Pre-fall cruise and lunch
  • Visit Bill Milliken Car Warehouse in Ypsilanti for Cars and Coffee


  • GLCC Cobras and Coffee in Birmingham (with donuts)


  • Non-driving event such a museum tour, go-karts or other fun activity in the fall


  • Holiday Party

The situation with COVID-19 will continue to be fluid and we will act responsibly and accordingly with measured actions.

This note is intended to give hope to some safe fun this summer, get your input and demonstrate that once conditions allow, we have some immediate plans to burn some fuel together!

If you have questions or suggestions please do not hesitate to reach out at or 586.489.5990.

Thank you and stay healthy!

Jeff, George, Bob R., Tony and Bob H.