GLCC Members Meeting February 15, 2022

February 15, 2022 Members Meeting Agenda


Club Health

  • Membership Update
    • 118 Member Families
    • 76 Members have renewed (includes Board and Honorary Members)
  • Cash Balance – $3,943.50

Income Tax Implications

  • We have been disputing with the IRS the inclusion of donations as Club revenue.
  • In the end, we paid the past due amount of $850 as the IRS threatened collection action.
  • To remedy this going forward we are taking action to make GLCC and 501(c)(7) organization.
    • This classification is designed for clubs and will make our collections tax exempt.

Event Plan Review

  • In our meetings we will review the events coming up in the next 3 months.
  • All events will be posted to the Event Calendar by the end of February and Blog posts will be published with event details and RSVPs.
  • February
    • Night Out at the Theater – SOLD OUT.
  • March
    • Stahls Museum Tour and Lunch at Bar Louie Partridge Creek – March 5.
    • Motor City Solutions Tour and Lunch – March 19.
  • April
    • Greg Ornazian Collection Tour and lunch – April 2.
    • Mark Lieberman Ford GT Delivery Experience at Nostalgic Motoring – TBD but will happened in April.
    • The Carroll Collection Tour (breakfast at Nick’s House of Pancakes) – April 23.
  • May
    • Cobras and Coffee M1 Concourse followed by Breakfast.
    • Larry Smith Motor Room Tour and lunch.
    • Car and Driver Route and Lunch at Zukey Lake.

Major Events in Development

  • Eyes on Design.
    • Peter Brock is being recognized for his contributions in automotive design.
    • We are in conversations with Peter and EOD to be involved at the EOD event on Father’s Day.
  • American Speed Festival.
    • ASF theme this year is to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of Shelby American.
    • We are in discussions with M1/ASF to include a display from GLCC.
  • Ford Michigan Proving Grounds.
    • In 2019 we hosted an event at MPG where members were led on the long- and mid-range tracks. This was a blast
    • We are in discussions with Ford to enable this event in the fall.
    • If this event is not able to happen in 2022, we will revisit in 2023.

Open Discussion…

Next Meeting (Virtual) – March 15th