2022 Preliminary Event Plan

This is a very preliminary view of the 2022 GLCC Event Plan.

Unless stated otherwise we have not yet plotted specific dates.  That will be done in January.


Paul Borror Hot Rod Build Tour – January 15th at 9:00 (TO BE RESCHEDULED)



Date Night Dinner and Theater – SOLD OUT

Motor City Solutions Tour and Lunch



Stahls Museum Tour and Lunch – March 5th



Greg Ornazian Collection Tour – April 2

Mark Lieberman Ford GT Delivery Experience at Nostalgic Motoring

Cobras and Coffee High Octane Café

The Carroll Collection Tour (To be confirmed with William)



Cobras and Coffee M1 Concourse followed by Breakfast (need to discuss with M1 if we can “save spots” for a Club Visit)

Larry Smith Motor Room Tour

Car and Driver Route and Lunch at Zukey Lake



Cobras and Coffee High Octane Cafe

Port Huron to Port Austin Lake Huron Cruise with backroads route returning to civilization

Sunday Afternoon cruise to Frankenmuth for Chicken Dinner

London Cobra Show



Cobras and Coffee – Parking at Pasteiners (we will need to talk with Steve to see if we can mark off an area for the Club visit)

Grosse Isle Tour



Milford Tour

Pasteiners Pre Dream Cruise

Snake Pit

Hines Drive Cruise



Snakes in the Grass

Cobras and Coffee High Octane Cafe

MPG (Ford Test Track) Tour – tentative (I talked with MPG and they said check back in April)

American Festival of Speed with Peter Brock (we will work with M1 for a GLCC location at the event)



Cobras and Coffee High Octane Cafe

Mason Tour and Lunch



Cobras and Coffee High Octane Cafe

Auburn Museum Tour in Indiana



Holiday Party at Indianwood – December 3

Events in Planning Stages


Lutz Tour

Tech Event

Dinner/Cruise on Lake St Clair (non car event)

The Carroll Collection