GLCC Board of Directors Announcement

As you may have noticed, Jeff and Sharon Grice have been noticeably absent this year at GLCC events.  Jeff and Sharon’s absence will continue into 2021 to attend to personal matters.  During this period Jeff will continue to handle Club communication and The Board will continue to steward the Club as we have during 2020.

Given the protracted period of time we wanted to inform you of Jeff’s leave of absence, and we look forward to his return at his earliest convenience.

The Board wants to recognize the very significant contribution Jeff has made to our Club.  Since his assuming his role as President, we have set new highs in continuing membership numbers, and the number and diversity of our activities have increased exponentially.  His energy and efforts on the Club’s behalf, supported and aided by Sharon, have been the driving forces behind our success.

At our next members’ virtual meeting on Tuesday, November 17th (starting at 6 pm), we will discuss our plans going forward.  Please plan to attend.

To move ahead and continue our activities during Jeff’s absence, we will need new volunteers to help the Board with 2021 planning, event coordination, merchandise sales and other activities from time to time.

This year’s pandemic has posed challenges to everyone.  All our Club’s activities planned for early in the driving season had to be cancelled; many planned for the later part of the season were also cancelled and others were restructured or changed in scope.  It appears to the Board that it is unlikely that we will be able to resume the “normal” nature and level of activities before early summer of next year.

At our meeting, we would also like to hear members’ thoughts on the nature and level of activities that we should plan for our next driving season.  In the past, we have planned our season’s activities during the first quarter of the year, with reasonably firm schedule published to the members in April.

Again, please plan to attend our next meeting and, hopefully, volunteer to assist us to continue the Club’s activities next season.

Thank you.

George Acree
Bob Harvey
Bob Russel
Tony Simari