Cobras in Spirit, Coffee and Donuts at Hoist House

While the weather will not be conducive to driving Cobras, we want to provide an opportunity to hang-out, get caught up, enjoy Coffee and famous GLCC No-Cal Donuts and at the same time learn about a new service that may interest you!

Max, the owner of Hoist House has invited us for a visit on February 10th at 9:00 am ( 1150 Naughton Rd, Troy, MI 48083)

Hoist House is a shop you can call home! This is a workshop by and for car enthusiasts. They open the 16ft overhead door to any project, classic or tuner, Miata or Super Duty. This is a community space where enthusiasts can collaborate and work together.

More specifically you can rent space by the hour or for a complete project. 

Need a lift to detail your chassis, change oil, work on suspension…this is your home.  Need access to tools…this is your home.

Come on out and join us…RSVP below.