A message from Ben and Amy Whittredge about Don Whittredge’s participation at the Ford Proving Grounds

From Ben and Amy….

My dad (Don) passed away last week after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer 2 years ago.
In his last days, he mentioned that being able to attend the Ford Proving Ground experience was one of the highlights of his life!
I want to thank everyone who helped make it possible for us to attend that day. I have no words to express my true gratitude.
I’m working on completing a Factory Five build, so I did not have a car to drive yet. 
I inherited my passion for cars from my dad. He loved cruising in his ’67 Impala convertible.
We will bring his car to Michigan and my family will enjoy cruising in his memory for years to come.
I’m sad he didn’t get to see my Cobra completed, but I know he will be with me every time I’m driving it.


Rest in peace Don…it was a honor meeting you!!