2021 Great Lakes Cobra Club Snake Pit at the Woodward Dream Cruise

WOW – what a great day at the 2021 Snake Pit celebrating the Woodward Dream Cruise!!!  Picture perfect weather (although a little hot but I will take that over rain)!!

About 120 people were in attendance with sporting Cobras, Thunderbirds, a massive truck (Mark, I bet the people on Woodward cleared a path for you and Jason!), a few Ferraris and a Corvette.

Preparations started Friday evening by erecting the big tents, loading water and ice in the coolers and everything else staged to finish Saturday morning.

We started at 6:00 am Saturday finishing raising of the tents, setting up tables, getting more ice, coffee and getting breakfast ready.  As people arrived there was plenty to eat, drink and get caffeinated to start the morning.

Many thanks to Dave Campbell and Gene Nelson for providing fresh bagels and donuts for the event.  That was very gracious of you!!

At 9:00 am Paul Borror led the slither on Woodward.  I bet there were 30+ Cobras that joined Paul in a run North and many continued as far south as 9 mile.  Very cool!

Throughout the day people cruised in and out of our location.  That’s a big benefit of our location as exiting is easy to make a run North and back.

We hired a new caterer this year, Hollywood Market.  They arrived on time with a great BBQ lunch.  Oh my gosh was it delicious!  From the reviews during the day the food was without doubt a HUGE hit!!!

Krisi and Clint Symons and Frank Robinson took the lead with photography including drone footage to memorialize the day.  Outstanding job Krisi, Clint and Frank!  Here’s the link to the Photo Library.

And a huge shout-out to the volunteers Friday evening and throughout Saturday and to the GLCC Board for all of your hard work in bringing this wonderful celebration together!!

In addition to the fun had by all, we helped children in need through the donation to Holy Cross Children’s Services from our raffle.  John and Carole Mahan, who won the 50/50 raffle, donated their cash prize back which along with the balance of the raffle and a contribution from the Club, results in a $1,000 donation to Holy Cross Children’s Services!

It cannot get much better than this…but we’ll keep trying!

Thanks everyone and have a great week ahead!!