How To Make Your Cobra Bullet Mirrors Functional

Hey Gang

Several people have asked me how I made my Cobra Bullet Mirrors functional.  First you need a bag-of-cash as this is a VERY expensive modification – $3.99 at most auto stores.

So you can anticipate the lengthy and expensive modification here’s the benefit. On the left is after the modification and the view on the right is likely what you see now, the rump of your Cobra.

Step 1: Step at any auto parts store and purchase a 3.5″ blind spot mirror like the one pictured:

Step 2: Carefully press on the mirror so it moves away from the plastic retaining ring (the mirror lens is spring loaded).

Now using a thin shafted object (small flat tip screwdriver), carefully dislodge and remove the plastic retaining ring.

Take note of which way the plastic retaining ring comes out, as it should go back the same way.

Also, you do not need to remove the mirror from the car.

The few times I have done this I was able to push in the convex blind spot mirror OVER the factory flat mirror.

Then reinsert the plastic retaining ring and you are all set.  The picture below shows the flat mirror removed.



Then you will be able to see more than the rump of your Cobra!!!