GLCC Monthly Meeting Agenda September 21st at 7:00pm

Great Lakes Cobra Club Members Meeting

September 21, 2021  or (872) 240-3412 Access Code: 255-830-101

Club Health

  • Membership Update – 114 Members
  • Cash Balance – $4,472.49 as of September 20

GLCC Branded Merchandise

  • New polo shirts added

Event Reflections

  • Pre-Dream Cruise at Pasteiners
  • Snake Pit with improvements for 2022:
    • Trash. Far more than I expected. Thank goodness we had the secret dumpster next door.  We will contact Kroger (trash container sponsor) to see if those were donated. Also need the next size larger plastic bags.
    • Porta-Potty. Installed where they should be and on-time!  Unfortunately, it became widespread knowledge that they were on our location as we had a steady flow of visitors.  It got worse as the day went on.  Next year we will caution tape off the area (likely need 2 more cones and create signs for GLCC only.  We will also designate 2 units for Ladies.
    • Holiday Market was right…there would be leftovers.  Well in advance of the 2022 event we will contact local charities that support children and battered women and make arrangements for pickup.  And in the event we cannot get a food pickup we will have large zip-lock bags to store leftovers.
    • Barriers.  I said to myself during the day that I was pleased we had little to no unintended visitors and maybe people were courteous.  WRONG.  As soon as we packed up the cones we had streams of people coming in.  In the future they will be the last to get packed up.  It didn’t hurt anything as at that time 75% of our crew left but nonetheless it is our lot and we should not have to worry about visitors.
    • Silent Auction. We will start accumulating items for 2022.  Proceeds will go to charity.
    • Raffle – Cash Only at member request
    • Financials – after all expenses including donations we have $358 in reserve funds
  • Snakes in the Grass
  • C&D Route and Lunch at Zukey Lake

Holy Cross Children Services.  $1,000 donation was raised from the Snake Pit.  Letter and check sent.

Photography.  Krisi Symons and Frank Robinson’s contributions have really made an impact on the quality of our GLCC Photo Gallery and memorializing of our events.  Many thanks!

American Speed Festival (

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Track – Friday/Saturday (limited positions remaining)
  • Static Display Sunday (volunteers get tickets for whole event)
  • If you decide to register note GLCC membership in the form

Jewels of Washtenaw Cruise October 9th

Holiday Party at Indianwood Country Club December 4th

  • Details to be published in October

Officer Voting for 2-year Term beginning 2022

  • Treasurer – Tony Simari
  • Vice President – Michael Grice

2022 Event Planning

  • Event planning process for 2022 begins in October
  • We will be issuing our Annual Member survey in October
  • Share any ideas directly with me or any Board Member


Next Virtual Meeting – October 19th at 7:00pm