Factory Five Mk3 and Mk4 New Build Manual


If you dream of building, owning, and driving an AC Cobra, you’ve come to the right place!

BUILD MANUAL details the construction of an all-new — that is, non-donor — Factory Five Racing (FFR) Roadster, generally referred to as the Mk3 or Mk41 as well as the 289 USRRC period-correct version and the MK4 Challenge racer.

The FFR Roadster is a replica of the AC Cobra: see also Legacy of the FFR Roadster.

BUILD MANUAL covers 12 major topics in clearly written how-to sections illustrated with over 650 photos, drawings, and diagrams. Click on the 12 tabs above for a overview of our detailed instructions and technical assistance. Full access requires a membership pass.

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Following is the Table of Contents linked to each section of the build manual for a preview:

Table of contents